SYNT Group

SYNT Group

With many decades of experience in ultraviolet disinfection, general electrical and mechanical sales and manufacturing, we have the in-house experience, knowledge and facilities.

With our many decades of knowledge and experience in this sector you can be assured that the UV system will designed and manufactured to the highest standards and has been manufactured in the UK.

SYNT Manufacturing specialist product design, automated and CNC manufacture through our vast experience and our state of the art machine workshop.

SYNT 3D print offers all things 3D printing. Almost limitless creativity and innovation with our comprehensive selection of filament materials and professional printing services, all conveniently available through our online shop.

RFD registered, well established and respected in the industry LODOCK GEAR is able to advise and supply many accoutrements and accessories to the industry.



We have decades of experience in all aspects of ultraviolet water treatment from design and manufacture to general sales experience. We have been working in this industry since the 1980’s from employees of UV systems Ltd. Ex managing director of Daro UV systems and the general manager (amongst others), of Daro UV systems are all part of our current team.

We have in house facilities to design and manufacture bespoke UV systems as well as our own expanding standard product range.



In our factories in Suffolk, we have made major investment in automation and general manufacturing machinery. Whether you require prototype 3D design and 3D printing, or product production manufacture on our state-of-the-art CNC milling and lathes, we have the machinery and knowledge in house to help you with any enquiry.

Our electrical assembly department has qualified electrical engineers ready to design and assemble for you from circuit design to panel building.



LODOCK Gear is an established company within the SYNT Group, with years of experience in the industry.

We hold strong ties to our military, police, and private communities. Communities in which we started our journey, and are proud to have members of our team with veteran status.

Our combined experience allows for us to manufacture, procure, test, and deliver the best products and services available.