SYNT Ultraviolet

Specialists in UV water treatment

With our many decades of knowledge and experience in this sector you can be assured that the UV system will designed and manufactured to the highest standards and has been manufactured in the UK.

UV water treatment.
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Although SYNT UV is not a familiar name in the UV disinfection industry, we are far from new to the industry. We have been working in this industry since the 1990’s from employees of UV systems Ltd. Ex managing director of Daro UV systems and the general manager (amongst others), of Daro UV systems are all part of our current team.

Our Products

Standard product range

We currently manufacture and stock a range of UV systems, ranging from systems for a single outlet, whole house domestic systems to large industrial systems. All of our systems are manufactured in our factories in Suffolk UK. Please click here for more information on our specific systems within our product range.

Synt UV chambers

Bespoke systems manufacture

Using our in-house design and manufacturing facilities, we are able to react to almost any application you may have. Using our experience and knowledge of UV  system product design we can size a system using our dose mapping software, 3D designs, prototype with our CNC milling or bank of 3D printers. We also have electrical panel design and manufacture using our qualified electrical team.